Total Rental Accounting Computer System

Originally developed in 1983 in conjunction with one of the largest fleet operations in the UK, TRACS is available as a single user or multiple-user system which will run on a wide variety of machines. TRACS contains everything you need to operate and control your car rental company - in one package. Available in a Windows or as a Microsoft system. TRACS incorporates: a highly advanced software package with operational and accounting facilities, developed over several years with some of the biggest names in car rental, TRACS takes the day to day worry out of fleet management and administration. From the minute TRACS is installed it gives you instant access to fleet and financial information. It increases operational efficiency and enables staff and management resources to be utilised more productively. TRACS is easy to use and, because many of the functions are self-checking, it reduces the risk of mistakes by staff which can cost you up to 5% of your revenue. 

  • Single or multi-user

  • Windows and Microsoft compatible

  • Operation and accounting facilities

  • Instant access to fleet and financial information

  • Easy to use

  • Self-checking

  • Reduces human error and lost revenue


Download our TRACS guide for a detailed description of the functions and benefits




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